Bernard Street

Bernard Street

“Last autumn we finally decided it was time to get the front of our house repainted. It had been nearly 10 years since it had been done and was really beginning to look dingy: peeling paint, wood showing through and fading colours not to mention scratches on the door where it had been kicked countless times in winter months.


We approached two different painters we saw working in our street. One said he would give us a quote and never did. The other did, but somehow didn’t fill us with confidence. In the end a neighbour recommended Gary. It turned out to be a great choice.


We needed scaffolding to get to the upper windows because it’s a large house (7 large windows and a double front door), but Gary took care of all that. Also the weather was just beginning to turn so it wasn’t possible to paint every day. No problem. Gary worked when he could and left things well covered up when he couldn’t. He meticulously stripped the wood right back using a machine that sucked up the dust.


He then carefully and systematically primed the wood, applied an undercoat and then a second coat. He was always cheerful, courteous and considerate both to us and to passers-by: we lost count of the number of people (particularly older ladies) who stopped to admire Gary’s work. We never felt that Gary was cutting corners. Rather he was a perfectionist from start to finish.


We are delighted with the outcome and feel it was worth every penny we spent.”


Dr Marc Stephens